A: Upper Cut: “This is the highest point in the park and the second highest in the county.”

B: Fly Island:
C: 1st Hard Way: After Fly Island

D: Mine Trail: “It overlooks the reclaimed mine land.” “Do not enter onto the reclaim area.” 

E: Cattails: (This is where the trucks go to play)

F: No trucks beyond this point! only ATV, UTV, and Dirt Bikes

G: Gas Line: Please tread softly

H: 2nd hard way: This is a very cool trail but narrow do not venture off the trail.

1. Swamp area: This area can be bad stay on the trail try not to make ruts.

2. Foundations: The remains of foundations from a small community long ago.

I: Route 9 Gate: Across from Hidden Springs but has no access except for land owners.
J: Fiesley’s Trail: This is a new section that is only open during special events.

K: Hard/Easy Way: Be careful

L: Back Highwall Pond: This trail overlooks a small pond this also the beginning of a new trail. 

M: Leaving Feisley’s: Fenced in area please respect the fencing.

N: Pine Tree Trail: Be careful in this area blind corners are present.

O: Bush Hollow or Roller Coaster Hill: (as some call it.) It overlooks the highwall pond.

P: Maple Tree Trails: The trail splits here for Easy Way / 3rd Hard Way (Dead Deer Hollow)

Q: Krayley’s Corner: Please be careful. High Traffic Area.

R: Tex’s Trail: “Why? Because Tex made it.”

S: Trail Crossing: Please Stop and look both ways before crossing Pogue’s Rd.

*Left will take you to highwall pond.

*Right will take you back to the campgrounds and main entrance.

T: Happy Hollow: A large congregating area.

U: Beaver Pond Trail:

V: Graveyard Hill: At top of the hill is an old family graveyard.

W: Power Lines: Those are the big cables hanging the metal trees. Do not climb metal tree’s 

X: Joe’s Bar: No there is not a bar here sorry to burst you bubble.

Y: The End - 17 plus miles the easy way, 20 miles the hard way!